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Do you love gaming as much as we do? No matter if its on a PC, console, handheld or mobile phone. There are some awesome games on every platform. Some are specially made for Nintendo, others for Xbox, some for the PlayStation and a few are only available on handhelds. This article isn’t about the different consoles and opportunities gamer have, it is about something every gamer is connected to; the love to video games, their characters and the identities of the specific games. Games like GTA V, Red Dead Redemption 2, Final Fantasy, FIFA 18 or even Pokemon got some very interesting characters, which are popular all over the world. These characters are basically the heart of those games. Now it is time for you to be special as well. Gaming is more than just a hobby, it is a lifestyle. Fair enough – now you can save real money while having even more fun!


On Xesero they are offering many different kind of products for your Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PC or any other smartphone and handheld. Equipment and helpful items are available for every kind of console,  also for the new Nintendo Switch or Xbox One X. Here is a list of what products you might expect on



For the Xbox and PlayStation they are offering a huge selection of cheap ontroller for the Xbox One or PlayStation 4. They also got customized PS3 and Xbox 360 controller, which are a must have for every third generation console lover. The controller are official products and some are made by third party companies. These alternative controller are very popular, because their price is much lower and their functionality and design is exactly the same. Take a look on them.


Xesero got maybe the biggest list of skins, sticker and cover for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and any other console. You can also see their PS Vita skins and Nintendo 3DS sticker, which are available in many different colors and designs. For example in a Pokemon, Zelda, Brawl Stars, Final Fantasy or the design of your favorite sports team or anime. Skins and sticker are the perfect way to personalize your console or handheld. Not only looking really good, but also protecting your devices against scratches or dust.

PC Gaming:

Playing games like League of Legends, Dota 2 or Starcraft is still extremely popular. The last few months eSports for the consoles got popular as well, but nothing beats PC gaming. Check out the best gaming keyboards, gaming mouses or any other items like fans or WiFi repeater, which are helping you to dominate the game. Lots of big brands are offering their products on Xesero. You will find many unique, colorful and stylish gaming mouses, controller and keyboards for a super low price.


When it comes to protection everyone should listen carefully. Sometimes it is very easy to damage handhelds, consoles or smartphones. For example the new Nintendo Switch can get so damage easily, since it is a home console, but also a handheld. People are taking it everywhere and bumps, scratches or a broken display can happen easily. Do yourself and your console a favor and protect it. On Xesero there are many bags, silicone cover and other items, which will help you to avoid any kind of damage.

How to find FIFA 18 cheats, hacks and generator

Free Points and Coins on FIFA Ultimate Team

The Internet is full of videos and screenshots showing how gamer are generating free FIFA 18 coins and points on their PSN, Xbox Live or PC account, but where did they get them? On YouTube, Facebook and Google you will find many websites saying you can easily use the FIFA 18 hack to get free FUT coins, but are they really reliable? Or are they giving you wrong promises? We made the ultimate test to find out if it is really so easy to cheat or hack FIFA 18 on every console, PC and smartphone.


To use the FIFA 18 coin generator you need to provide the websites with your username, how many free FIFA 18 coins and points you would like to get and also on what console you are actually playing. You can choose the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC or smartphone. Basically you can use the FIFA 18 hack on every device. Open the online generator with your PC, smartphone or tablet and go through the steps. You will find out how easy it is to hack and use FUT 18 cheats to get more coins and points. You should always keep in mind to keep the number of points low. Even there is no limit you shouldn’t generate more than 10k points at one moment. It is a huge red flag for EA and maybe they will suspend your account. Better keep it legit. To make it look completely legit you should also have purchased points with real money already. Protect your account and keep it real. For FIFA 18 Ultimate Team free coins there is absolutely no limit on how many coins you can generate. Go for 10 millions or 20 millions. With this amount you will have it easy to build a great team right from the beginning. It is extremely convenient to have a solid team at the start of the game, because everyone else still has an average team. You will dominate the Weekend League very easily. This is my personal experience from FUT 17. Anyway, to use the FIFA 18 hack you only need a working Internet connection and a device, which you are using to run the online hack. If you got both of them you are absolutely free to use the FIFA 18 coin generator. If you still have any doubt can contact the people who are offering the FUT 18 coin generator or the user who used the hack tool successfully.

The FIFA 18 hack makes it looks so easy. No need to trade anymore, no need to play endless matches to get a few coins. With this online generator you will get all free coins and points in a few minutes. This is the perfect way to cheat the game without doing any survey or human verification. The only full working FIFA 18 coins hack, which actually works on all platforms. By checking out Twitch and other website you will find many sites to give you unlimited items no survey and no human verification. Run the FIFA 18 coin generator now!

Brawl Stars Cheats, Download, Beta, Tipps & Tricks

Tipps & tricks on how ot hack Brawl Stars


Understanding different gaming modes in Brawl Stars along with the use of hack tool

Now days, most of the players are searching for the different strategy game which includes a variety of interesting gaming modes along with the thrilling game play and excellent characters. In this way, everyone can go for the Brawl Stars game which is one of the most popular choices to everyone. It is a freemium mobile strategy game which includes extraordinary game play and interesting gaming modes. All the beginners of this game should also need to be aware of the Brawl Stars hack tool used on your mobile platform. Hacking process of this game is usually useful to earn unlimited numbers of gems and coins necessary for your excellent game play.

brawl stars cheats 

Different gaming modes:

When the players of the Brawl Stars game considering the different gaming modes, they include

  • Smash and Grab – It is actually a 3 Vs 3 gaming mode in which all the players are trying to collect more numbers of crystals. Such crystals usually spawn from the mine that is available in the middle of the map once every 5 to 6 seconds. The crystal count of every player is usually displayed on the top of your name.
  • Bounty – Bounty is also 3 Vs 3 team deathmatch gaming mode where the gamers are trying to kill other players in the opponent team.
  • Showdown – It is one and only gaming mode in this Brawl Stars game which is not played 3 Vs 3. This Showdown mode is basically the deathmatch played with ten players. While playing this game, the map is gradually getting smaller and smaller. The last player who is standing will win the game.
  • Heist – It is also 3 Vs 3 based gaming mode. In this mode, there is one team of players and this team has a complete safety that they will try to protect and another team will try to break open the safety in just two minutes and thirty seconds.

Everybody can use Brawl Stars hack apk on your mobile platform in order to earn unlimited numbers of gems and coins to your gaming account.

brawl stars hack

Using Brawl Stars cheat codes or hack tool:

The cheat codes or hack apk is nothing but the online software platform which is available for the Brawl Stars game players in order to earn unlimited numbers of gems and coins for your successful game play. Using Brawl Stars hack generator, everyone will get an opportunity to generate your desired amounts of coins and gems which will be directly added to your account. By this way, the players of this freemium mobile strategy game don’t need to worry about your excessive amounts of gaming resources than other players.

It is very simple and easy to make use of the hack tool which is a resource generator for creating your required amounts of gems and coins for your Brawl Stars gaming account. It is always advisable to pick a highly reliable and reputable Brawl Stars hacking apk for your resource needs online.

If you are playing this game on your iPhone, Samsung or any other smartphone you will be able to use the Brawl Stars generator or cheat engine. No survey and no human verification is needed if you are using the Brawl Stars hack. Best way to get free Brawl Stars gems, elixir and coins.